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August 8, 2022

Boudoir Photographer’s best kept secrets…

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SHHHHHH….. This will be our little secret!!

Hello there Gorgous! I thought a great ice breaker would be letting YOU in on a few secrets you might not know about the BIG WIDE WORLD of Boudoir!

I’ll start with a quick introduction of me! I’m Michael Morgan Castleberry the Founder and Photographer of the LUX Boudoir Company based out of amazing Dallas Texas!! More specifically Downtown Mckinney, Texas! I have helped hundreds of women just like yourself navigate the unknowns waters of Boudoir and I am happy to help you get started!! But let’s tell #BoudoirSecrets first!!

Boudoir Secret #1 – EVERY Women is super NERVOUS !!

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Yup… Even the most confident women in the world still get butterflies thinking of doing a Boudoir photoshoot!!

It is not because they are camera shy, insecure about their bodies, or even worried about getting lost on the way. THEN WHYYYYY, Michael?

Because…. Boudoir is an extremely intimate and personal experience! You want to know that YOU and your personal information is going to be safe and secure before, during and after your photoshoot! AND you’re in LUCK… Here at LUX Boudoir we are a fully female staff with over 10 years of experience of making SAFETY our #1 priority! We take every precautions to give you peace of mind.

  1. We speak directly to each of our clients on the phone to verify that we are who we say we are and assure you we have your best interest in mind!
  2. We provide our clients with specific instructions on our studio location and parking in our Welcome email. We feel best knowing that you know your surroundings and we can help locate you quickly if you ever need help!
  3. You will be only working with the best in the Photography industry! Our Studio Manager – Courtney has been in the business for many years and cares deeply for each and every client!
  4. All images are always in a secure setting from camera to computer to storage.




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Even if you’re excited about doing a Boudoir session knowing what to wear can be overwhelming and intimidating to say the least! Our #1 goal before and during your Photoshoot is to feel relaxed, comfortable and beautiful like the Goddess You Are!!

Here is a Quick Overview to know if you are picking the right Outfits for your Boudoir Session!

  1. Choice colors that compliment your skin, hair and eyes! Not sure? Click here!!

2. Choice Lingerie that flatters your body-shape!! Again not sure? Click here!!

3. Bring your Personality to your session!! Our studio has seen roller-skates, a DJ Booth, a easel and paint, a professional marathon bike and much much more!

It can be as simple has highlighting your shiny new engagement ring to wearing your favorite sports team jersey. There is NO wrong answer to what can inspire your outfits!

Like to know more about Outfits? We have a FREE in-depth Prep and Styling Guide located on our website!

> <

Secret # 3 – You will not leave the same way you came!

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When ladies come in for their Boudoir session they tend to OVER PACK!! They tends to pack

1. The weight of others’ negative words.

2. The heavy baggage of low self-esteem.

3. And the years and years of putting others needs before our own including: children, spouse or even our career.

AND IT IS HEAVY!! They have been carrying these things for SO long that you do not even know you’re carrying them around —- UNTIL you walk into the LUX Boudoir Studio! Above all, we are here to FIX THAT!!

#1. The moment you walk in through our doors the pampering begins! Our Professional Hair and Make-up Artist begins with a mini-facial and then takes her time getting to know your skin and hair type! After that, you will spend the next 1hour 30mins relaxing (sippin’ a mimosa) while she makes your hair&make-up dreams come true!

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#2. After you’re done picking your jaw off the floor after seeing your Hair and Make-up done to perfection… it is MY turn!! We will lay out all your outfits, heels and accessories on the bed and put together a masterpiece of a wardrobe selection!! At this point we can also look through my extensive lingerie and heels collections!

Time to capture some magic!!!!

#3. Naturally, you would believe this would be the scary part but luckily for you this is MY SPECIALTY!! My secret power is making you laugh, relax, feel comfortable and look + FEEL sexy behind the camera! I do every single pose before you, help you to relax your face and shoulders, and remind you to breathe!! And of course get the perfect shot!!

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After that first pose, you feel the stress leave your mind and body and you start having FUN!! Happens every single time!! Don’t believe me? Read through some of our Google > client testimonials < to see how others felt during their session!

I guarantee you’ll will leave my studio feeling :

  1. Rejuvenated
  2. Newfound Confidence
  3. Sensual
  4. Ready for your NEXT session!

In conclusion, NOW that you know all the Secrets of Boudoir – Nothing should hold you back from checking your Dream Boudoir Session off your #BucketList

Let’s have a quick chat about how to schedule your Boudoir Photoshoot with LUX Boudoir!

> Click Here for more Information <

I can’t wait to hear all about your vision for the shoot and all the ideas you have to share!

XOXO – Michael, Your Boudoir Photographer

100 E. Louisiana Street #3 Mckinney Texas (469)751-7369

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  1. Brandye says:

    Awesome information! I’ve done a boudoir twice and have one finally scheduled with you as my photographer and I’m so excited yet still very nervous! My biggest hurdle is outfit choices and of course my self doubt! i know you will help and fix both! ❤️

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